Woeful Wednesday

First time I ever heard of this event and had a great time finding new stores and some pretty odd things to round out my collection for the book shelf.  Before I get to that, first…..House of Rain (which is how I found out about Woeful Wednesdays) has a beautiful bracelet out called Luxury of Tears.  The bracelet is 50l and the one that is on sale for WW is titanium / aquamarine.  However, I’m showing the platinum and onyx necklace and bracelet set because it goes better with the outfit that is also from WW (more after the cut)




The outfit was discovered at Kre-ations and it’s the  punk lolita Promo dress done in mesh with a few different sizes to choose from.   It was found by accident because I was busy cam’ing the store trying to find the eyes that are at 50L for the Woeful Wednesday event.   Through the store twice and on the second round through, I  found this quirky top hat called  Jack of Ripped heart hat.  On the third round (not kidding here folks) I lowered my camera angle a bit and wouldn’t you know it…the boxes for the eyes were right by my feet.  Who knew?  Either way, I picked up two different sets; neptune and eclypse eyes then mixed them together for the win.



I’ve also been on a bit of a landscaping spree with  my mainland parcel and hit up B&D Landscaping, Creative Fantasy, Botanical and also Green and Wild for some fabulous plants, tree’s and random garden decor.  I’ve used up most of my prim allotment so I may have to deprim here and there but not for a while yet.  I don’t do much on my parcel besides tweak this, move that and otherwise plant something here and there so no rush to remove anything.



Nothing says love like a doll hidden under the bookshelf where you least expect to find it.  Oh, not just any doll but the broken Matchstick doll that I also picked up through the Woeful Wednesday event.   I didn’t realize that there would be two different dolls, one scripted and one not so was double happy.   I think my new found friend is rounding out the collection of crazy very nicely!


Mock Pandora Lashes in Noir and Burnout Lipshine lip0

Zoul Creations Cheyenne2 Porcelain promo from marketplace

Mandala Nails Long

Kre-ations punk lolita Promo with Jack of ripped heart hat red and mix of neptune and eclypse eyes (eyes are woeful wednesday)

House of Rain Luxury of Tears platinum and onyx (but the titanium / aquamarine are woeful wednesday sale)

lassitude and ennui newest release Lazy Boots in black

Del’s Odd Shop Matchstick doll for Woeful Wednesday

pose from Bent (closed) Animal from caged prop

beer is from JTL