When you don’t know what to do but you want to do something (hucci contest)

and you aren’t sure if it’s going to to turn into a hot mess or come out beyond fantastic.  That was my morning in high definition and perfect description.   The other day, I saw two different plurks from Eboni Khan, the creator behind Hucci that really peaked my interest.  I’m not really sure which order they were viewed but the first was a dress, the Umea, that caught my eye.  The other was a Photo contest by Hucci with huge prizes that result in many  lindens for the winners.  Normally, I just watch these things and rarely  participate but for whatever reason, I entered (and you should too!).  (more information, credits, etc after the cut)


Here’s the problem that occurred while going on this grand adventure.  First, I don’t buy too often from Hucci and it’s not because I don’t like the stuff.  I do, Eboni is an amazing original mesh creator who works hard at making realistic type clothes.  Little stomachs (which  most grown women have), nice butt definition and chest definition and a size for just about every shape with minimal tweaking (if any) required.  However, most of the items are simply not the style I generally aim for.  Except this dress.  I’m not sure what it is about this dress that makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside but it was something I had to have.  Ever have one of those moments when you see something and go “need now!”?  Yeah, that was me.  Except I didn’t really know what to do with the dress once I got it on.  Normally, I buy based on mood and this particular buy was not based on mood, it was based on “oh wow, I just really like that!” This type of buying always makes for difficult picture taking and I end up going a little crazy with trying to figure out what the end look will be.



Umea is one of those high fashion dresses that I always visualize power people wearing.  They go to fancy restaurants, they always look pulled together and they have such strong personalities.  Their hair has not a strand out of place, they just always look terrific no matter the situation.  If I were to be honest, those type of people scare the hell out of me and I quickly realized that there was no way  I would be able to pull off that kind of photo.  I don’t feel that on the inside, so there is not a chance ever I would be able to convey that through capturing images, even with all the sliders in picmonkey.



So I said “screw it” (yep, I talk to myself) and turned it into a trashy picture with tears flowing and ruining the mascara.   Now I’m a bit more in my element.  Some high powered women hanging out in the bad area of town, her luck is down and the  paparazzi show up to start snapping pictures of her next to garbage cans and a broken down old building.  What a wonderful headline for the latest rag mag….”High Powered Person found in the Slums…..”



outfit: Hucci Umea Dress Corner Red

bracelet: Acide Enlace Moi

Skin: Les Petite Details Dalia Colbalt

Makeup: MOCK Deep Sangre Eyeshadow Color inspired and MOCK Burnout lip shine

Make Up: La Malvada Mujer The beam in the eye #1

Hair: E elikatira abbey black

shoes: lassitude and ennui flutter boots raven

eyes: KMadd MADesigns simplicity eclipse

location: tobacco road, the flowout

pose: bent creative portraits and 50’s fun